The Garden Path
to My Heart

Finding Inner Light Through Poetry

April was inspired to start a new hobby of nature photography, which expanded to a fascination with taking photos of sunlight through trees.

The Garden Path to My Heart: Finding Inner Light through Poetry shows us how April was able to find greater creativity, courage, and motivation to dreams.

As she wrote poetry and captured nature scenes through her camera, words and glowing light flowed through her heart, experiencing boundless love.

Finding Inner Light Through Poetry

A moment in time
Surrounded by golden light
Love radiating

Golden Light surging
As the waterfall flows through
The body, mind, and soul

There is a heaven
With glowing angels of light
Love overflowing

Step into the depths
Rise up to the horizon
Where the light is gold

An Inner Exploration to Find


Tap into the present moment, take time to breathe slowly, letting your breath flow in and out of your body.

What is your inner self,
your inner light, telling you?

What is it that you want to create?


Any time you challenge yourself to do something new, you are building courage.

Let your heart guide you to a new challenge, then watch as you develop greater strength and courage to pursue your dreams.


As you focus on your surroundings,
what do you see?

Connect to it and let the energy flow through you, touching your body, mind, and soul.

Motivation will follow, leading you
on your path of discovery.

Inspiring poet and author.

As I write poetry and capture nature scenes through my camera, words and glowing light flow through my heart, and I experience boundless love.

Feeling this miraculous, unseen love is possible through living in the present moment, which is also known as “mindfulness.”

With each breath, I connect to my divine self, which I refer to as my “inner light.”