The Garden Path to My Heart - Finding Inner Peace through Haiku

The Garden Path
to My Heart

Finding Inner Peace through Haiku

Reading, writing, and listening to poetry are wonderful ways to shift from a busy day into the present moment, clearing the mind from the perpetual motion and chatter around us.

Writing poetry is a delightful practice at any age, especially if your desire is to find inner peace and relaxation. 

The practice of writing poetry can lead to the development of greater creativity and inspiration to follow our dreams.

Finding Inner Peace through Haiku

How love sustains us
There is nothing else to be
Love is all we need

Soft petals of love
Colorful buds of laughter
Scented abundance

No one knows her dreams
The secret within her heart
The key is hidden

A rainbow of love
Feel the lightness in your heart
Let the colors burst

An Inner Exploration to Find


Tap into the present moment,
take time to breathe slowly, letting your breath flow in and out of your body.

What is your inner self,
your inner light, telling you?

What is it that you want to create?


Any time you challenge yourself to do something new, you are building courage.

Let your heart lead you to a new challenge, then watch how you find inspiration to see beyond to a new world around you.


As you focus on your surroundings,
what do you see?

Connect to it and let the energy flow through you, touching your body, mind, and soul.

Inspiration will follow and lead you
on your path to finding love.

Inspiring poet and author.

When I began writing haiku poetry, my goal was to become more creative.

As I tap into the present moment, a new vision of the world gradually appears around me, inspiring me to see beyond.

I challenged myself to write two haiku poems each day for one month. After only a few days of writing, I began to feel words flow through my heart.

Now I keep a pen and journal nearby to capture the words as fast as they flow.